Much has been said about why you need to put your employees first and make them happy, especially in a country like Nigeria where your staff will most likely be facing a lot of challenges in other to get by. If you missed the first installement, click here to get up to speed. These are a few of the many things you can do to make your employees really satisfied while at the same time raking in sumptuous profit because as was earlier discussed, both are not mutually exclusive.

  1. Pay Good Salary

    To be candid, this is what matters the most to employees. Employees may love your company’s image and reputation, they may love their job title and love hanging around with other employees but when it comes to the crunch, it’s always about the salary. On this, there is no compromise. People have jobs to earn a living and smart leaders pay good salaries. Good pay is a necessity, not a convenience. Employees with good take-home pay are usually more willing to put in their best because they know their best is worth it.

  2. Conduct regular training and development programs

    What is a syringe to a welder? Worthless. To ensure that you get the best out of your hires, only recruit people with the relevant skills. And when you do, ensure you continue to train and equip them with the tools they will need to succeed in your business. Training should be an iterative process with the aim of developing the worker to become a perfect tool.

  3. Offer Promotion

    No one likes to stay at a job three or four years without a promotion, particularly the millennials. Stagnancy breeds resentment & apathy and both are sure productivity killers. As a leader willing to motivate employees, reward employees with offers of promotion as at when due. Even if the promotion is just a change in job title and may not really have serious implication on the salary, it will still create a feeling of pride and accomplishment and the rewarded employee will constantly find reasons to stay and be productive in your organisation.

  4. Allow Vacation

    If you are operating a 9-5 organisation, your employees will spend at least 12 hours thinking about work. This means someone who has worked in your establishment for five years has dedicated two and a half years of his life thinking about how to make your dream work. Be human. Motivate your employees by giving them yearly ‘cool-off periods’ through leaves and vacations to rejuvenate and bring fresh ideas. They deserve it.

  5. Give Health Insurance

    Value people’s lives. Dead people don’t work. You want to stir your employees to give more and offer their best? Put health insurance on the table, not because government said you should but because you value human life. People want to work in a place where their skills are valued but much more importantly where their lives are valued.

  6. Give Bonuses and Allowances

    A Nigerian Consulting firm that we will leave unnamed is a very useful example of this- every employee is a partner, so to say. At the end of the year, the organization has a profit sharing arrangement and usually after a good year, some employees even get bonuses larger than their annual salary, the most interesting lesson from this organization is that even the security men get paid bonuses. They have one of the most dedicated staff you will ever see.

Employees are a lot more likely to put in their best in an organisation they benefit from windfalls in the form of sales bonuses and allowances.