African Start-Up

  • Design That Food
      Did you know that Google created a food app to mimic the RIO Olympics which has recorded over 4 million interactions from the start of the tournament to date? Did you also know a lot of design is going into the way businesses handle actual food? That is how five African resta... Read more

  • The Bicycle Revolution
      Did you know that transportation contributes a paltry 1.41% to Nigeria’s GDP compared to 12.7% in South Africa and 5.1% in Kenya? This startling revelation shows the huge potential that exist for SMEs in this critical sector of the Nigerian economy. That also explains why FirstBank is at t... Read more

  • Let's Go Farming

  • Are You In The Food Business?

  • Dreaming Of A Bar Business

  • Made In Rwanda Laptops?

  • Rwanda Clothing

  • What if Plastic Bags Were Banned

  • Drone

  • Quarterly
    Catch up as we go from Ethiopia, where a traditional handwoven cloth gets a makeover in the form of baby blankets, to Egypt, where an entrepreneur gives his love of street food a modern twist. In South Africa, a car-sharing service is helping customers beat traffic. All that and more; a new generation of Afric... Read more

  • Distillery Business
    At FirstBank, we support SMEs across all business segments hence our interest in growing business stories. This week on African Start-Up, we look at Distillery Business 031; a South African business out of Durban that caters to the growing consumer demand for quali... Read more

  • Little Gabies
    As a Bank, we are interested in the welfare of young people hence our array of products/services that speak to these group, from age zero. Read More...

  • Ahadootec
    As you get ready to shop with our cards and interact with our other products and services this summer, Ethiopia might be a destination you have in mind! If you take a trip to Ethiopia, look for Ahadootec, a company that makes innovative apps, from travel to education; the ... Read more

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