SMEs Making Apps and Food

Did you know that with a population of over 170 million, mobile penetration of 75% percent and IT contribution of 10% to the GDP, Nigeria is fast becoming Africa’s go to economy for new tech startups to step into. A lot of opportunities can be found in every sector, but there are several industries where startups can really thrive nowadays, here and in other parts of Africa.

From mobile apps in Ghana to fast food in Madagascar, being an entrepreneur is all about having a little faith in your product. This month, African Start-Up begins in Ghana, where a mobile app is preaching tech to the converted, connecting churches with 50,000 churchgoers - and counting. Meanwhile, in Nigeria, two brothers are looking to capitalize on this coffee-rich country with a chain of signature cafes. And in Madagascar, an appetite for fast food is now being met by a pizza chain taking the country by storm.


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